October 23, 2005

That blood doesn't look healthy

I've noticed something strange here in Scotland about the wine used at Catholic Masses for the Eucharist.

It's white.

I've been to about three different churches and they've all used white wine.

Normally, churches use red wine so that calling it the "Blood of Christ" doesn't induce a huge cognitive disconnect.

I mean does this look like the "blood" of Christ?

Can anyone offer any explanations for this phenomenon?


  1. I guess that would make the whole transubstantiation thing a little more hard to swallow (haha).

    My Episcopalian church back home always used white wine, but the anglican communion doesn't believe in the whole actual christ's blood thing.

  2. Anonymous10:50 AM


    1. Test of your faith--instead of intuition, they want you to think consciously about the transsubstantiation.

    2. Something historical about white wine

    3. Scottish market had a 2-for-1 sale on Franzia Mountain Chablis

  3. Option three is a distinct possibility. I feel so bad--the churches here are not doing well. Attendance is horrendous. It makes the little Catholic inside me cry.