October 23, 2005

Good Times

You guys have heard about Prussian Blue, right? The little racist girls who sing little guitar-violin odes to White Supremacy and stuff? A couple of things about this band I haven't read so far:

1)Their music is really fucking terrible. Reporters, to go for the ooh-isn't-this-so-scary angle, always talk about how appealing it is. Kids raised on Hilary Duff and Aaron Carter and other glossy shit produced by people who actually know what they are doing and what a compressor is and stuff aren't going to touch this garbage. This is what I am talking about. No es bueno.

Of course, it kind of sucks to be them from a musical standpoint, because you're pretty much unable to use anything that black people invented in your music, and as everyone knows (except Malchow), black people invented everything that is musically good.

2) Their mom, as well as being racist, is dumb. Quoth moms: "Sometimes it is difficult for children who are being raised in our modern multicultural society to comprehend what it was like just a few decades ago, when our towns and schools were almost all White. This is where older books published in the 1950s and earlier can come in handy. I usually find these in thrift stores and yard sales as well as in used bookstores. I remember the time that Lynx and Lamb read about Vasco de Balboa: 'He was the first White man to see the Pacific Ocean from American soil.' So it says in their Pictorial Encyclopedia of American History. They were so excited to actually read a positive reference to their race and its accomplishments that I felt that I had to find more books for them to read just like that."

Yeah, plenty of blond, blue-eyed, Dirndl-wearin' white dudes are named Vasco de Balboa. He wasn't Hispanic or nothin', Jesus no. He was as white as Hispanic guys can be.

April Caede, congratulations: that sounds like something a stupid bitch would say!

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  1. Anonymous7:38 PM

    There are many light-skinned, blue-eyed Spaniards (that being said - I have no idea what Balboa looked like).