October 25, 2005

Starbucks: Jesus is our homeboy

Starbucks to include a Christian quote on their cups.

The quote is, "You were made by God and for God, and until you understand that, life will never make sense."

Well, it's pretty generic, but the author of the quote is a Christian minister.

I'm not saying this is bad--I supposes it balances out the Armistead Maupin quote they ran awhile back, "My only regret about being gay is that I repressed it for so long"--but I do hope this doesn't show a new tendency for corporations to start bowing to the Christian Right.

The funny thing is, The NYT seems to think that those who wear the "Jesus is my homeboy" shirts are doing it non-ironically.

I wonder if this quote will show up on the cups at Collis.

Also: Check out the NYT review of Wendy Wasserstein's play "Third," which she worked on while a Montgomerey fellow at Dartmouth.

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  1. Anonymous3:01 PM

    Is this the "separation of church and Starbucks" right that's being trampled?

    I don't think it's a change from the usual airy nothings they post, accompanied by their disclaimer that a quote from Michelle Kwan about enjoying the little things in life isn't necessarily Starbucks' opinion.... and certainly not a "new tendency" of the type you describe.

    McSweeney's has a good tangentially-related piece on this. http://www.mcsweeneys.net/2005/9/1williams.html