October 17, 2005

Millions More, One Dartmouth Grad Less

Joe Malchow and Adam Shpeen of The Agenda Gap have had some coverage of the Millions More March, which was organized primarily by Louis Farrakhan, a man who has made repeated verbal attacks on homosexuality and Judaism and who recently accused the government of bombing the levees of Louisiana.

Despite the polarizing (to put it politely) nature of its organizer, many disparate groups have seen the March as a way to drive home the social realities of poverty and the ignorance thereof "uncovered" by Katrina.

Among them was the Black Justice Coalition, "the country’s only national civil rights organization for Black lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgendered people." The leader of that organization is Keith Boykin, a Dartmouth grad.

Boykin was promised by Farrakhan and Willie Wilson a chance to speak, but was not allowed to do so. Boykin claims that Wilson was the one who barred him from speaking, and that Farrakhan has actually been considerably more open to a dialogue with Boykin.

The whole story is here, on Boykin's website, along with the text of the excellent speech he would have given and some clarifications of what happened as opposed to what was said to have happened.

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