October 17, 2005

The "Lone Pine Revolution"

LGB bloggers have very rarely posted on the trustee elections, alumni relations, etc.I can't recall any liberals posting on trustee elections, alumni relations, etc. in awhile, so I thought I'd fix that.

They still don't, but, due to a desire to keep long posts on Vox in Sox, there now is one on the politicization of the so-called Lone Pine Revolution in the context of national politics.

My take: things don't line up--the issues that separate Rodgers, Robinson, Zywicki and the men and women who voted for them from the administration are not merely a province of the national culture wars. Support for or dissent from the administration's policies and attitude do not map onto national political boundaries (which I think are seriously misunderstood anyway).

The Review and the conservative blogging scene has done a great job convincing us they got their candidates onto the board, but I have a feeling Rodgers, Zywicki and Robinson just might have minds of their own.

I, for one, hope alumni tell the Alumni Governance Task Force (AGTF) just what they can do with their new constitution, their Alumni Assembly, and their opaque operations at this year's Homecoming vote.

Edit: Apologies to Bateman: I had searched the archives for "trustee" and for "alumni" and it returned few results. However, Bateman blogged a great deal about Zywicki and Robinson in May: here, here, here, here, and most significantly, here. He and I disagree in our assesments of Zywicki/Rodgers/Robinson's sinisterness, so if you think I'm letting them off too easily, read the above Bateman posts.

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