October 21, 2005

Did Riner Just Tell the 09s to Rush the Field?

His op-ed in the D today:
That day, nearly a dozen students ran across the field -- some upperclassmen, some freshmen. As the pack of runners reached the middle of the field, the crowd exploded in admiration. In an absurd way, those students were saluting the Dartmouth community and the community loved them for it. They were proud that day. They felt the support of every student there, as they ran for and after the Dartmouth spirit. The group rushed the field not out of rebellion or hate for the administration or even disdain for the opposing team -- they rushed because of their love for this college
Also, he ends with a paraphrase of the quote Janos ended his Convocation Speech in 2003 (or 2004) with--"I wouldn't recommend rushing the field for everyone, but to paraphrase Hunter S. Thompson, it has worked for some." Hunter S. Thompson, apparently, is the new Jesus--"as your attorney, I advise you to streak the field."

What the hell has gotten into this 'man of character?' Advocating "certain incarceration?" Tsk tsk. Someone please tell me if they find Noah pissing on Wright's lawn this weekend.

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