October 21, 2005


Email I received through a grapevine of older, semi-important, well-connected people:

Sent: Friday, October 21, 2005 10:01 AM
Subject: FW: Re the war in Iraq

Probably you already know this.

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Sent: Thursday, October 20, 2005 5:23 PM
Subject: Re the war in Iraq

Not only is the Internet ablaze with that speech of Powell's aide, but it was on the front page of the FT this morning.  Also, a very plugged-in friend of mine in DC sent me this e-mail last night:

At least 8 indictments have been prepared and 10 more are possible. Those whose lawyers have been told letters are coming include Libby, Fred Flights(SP?) Special assistant to John Bolton, and Steve Hadley. A plea bargaining process has begun on Dick Cheney himself. A Rove indictment seems highly probable. A parade of senior republicans senators is pressing McCain to go for VP when Cheney goes, Lindsey Graham is viewed as an alternative. This should hit the fan in next days--sooner rather than later given the way rumors are flying."

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