October 21, 2005

Is there a wordplay on "Plame" left?

Things are starting to come to a boil, it seems. Besides the rumor floating around that Bateman posted about just now, ThinkProgress reports that Bill Kristol told Fox News "there will be one or more indictments in the next three weeks of senior administration officials." (ThinkProgress also has a terrific cribsheet of all the players and their possible involvement with the leak which will help you catch up if you don't know all the details.)

However, Slate thinks it could be pretty easy for Democrats to blow this, or at least get less bang for the buck by shoehorning the indictments into the larger story of how Bush/Cheney fucked up the Iraq War. Here's the relevant quote:
Democrats can refight Iraq anytime, and they should... But the indictments won't be indictments for waging an imprudent war, or slanting intelligence. They'll be indictments for improper leaks. Democrats should be able to pocket the winnings that come from these leak-related criminal charges, and then separately make the case about Iraq based on what's happened in Iraq. If the latter isn't enough to make the anti-Bush argument, pumping Fitzgerald's case up into something it is not isn't going to make up the difference.

Also, it's possible that the email Chris got was a fake. Checkt the whole story here.

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