October 11, 2005

New DFP issue online


Lots of articles by the newly minted 09s, and on a variety of topics--John Roberts, the Convocation, SA, Katrina, and Senator Feingold's visit.

Also in the issue:

  • Meredith Wilson interviews Nathaniel Fick '99, former Marine and author of a new book that recounts his experiences in Afghanistan and Iraq.
  • Carlos Mejia's analysis of what Riner should have done after he put his foot in it
  • Aaron Schlosser organizes his thoughts about anarchism
  • Travis Mushett finds the inner liberal in small-town Georgia
  • I try to tease out why character matters in a pluralistic community, and why Riner showed little of it while preaching about it
  • Ann Raymond shares her experiences of the great New Hampshire outdoors
  • Loads of arts content--fashion, Zen Buddhism, pong, one night stands, and Kanye West
  • And of course, Common Share

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