October 20, 2005

The Trials of Juelz Santana

Capital letters added by popular request. I do it for the lay-deez.

It kind of got overshadowed by Kanye's "George Bush does not care about Black people" comment, and it may be old news to some, but Juelz Santana said something equally rockin' about Barbara B a couple of weeks back that deserves noting.

This was of course after Barb got everyone atwitter by asserting that those people in the Astrodome may actually have been made better off, holistically, given that they were economically disadvantaged and all.

Anyway, this angered Juelz so much that he momentarily stopped working on that album he almost lost cause his jump drive crashed and descended from his roost in Harlem to spit the following at whoever was listening:

"No disrespect and I really don't mean that, but that sounds like something a stupid bitch would say to me," Juelz offered. "For that to come out of somebody's mouth at a situation like this, the first thing to come out of my mouth would be 'Which stupid bitch said that?' I don't have no personal vendetta against her, so for anybody to say that at a time like this, I would reply with that answer like what type of bitch said that?"
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Needless to say, a sixteen-year-old potty mouth such as myself can't reasonably be expected to refrain from using "What type of stupid bitch said that?" and "That sounds like something a stupid bitch would say" as catchphrases. And you know I needed some of those.

Semi-relatedly, there must be a 2-for-1 on Haterade down at Foodstop or some shit; I don't see how else you people could stay supplied. I'll tell you what; you keep chuggin' that shit, and I'll keep pimpin' futuristic, and we'll call that a fucking day.

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