October 23, 2005

Vatican Rules Out Married Priests

A face only God could love?

Story here.

As a Catholic, I basically understand the reasons for clerical celibacy--the historical examples of Christ, Paul, and the apostles (many of whom actually had wives, but left them) and the commitment principle--as a priest, your primary and almost only commitment is to God and His Church, but there are equally good arguments why those reasons are insufficient for today's status--the success of married clergy in Protestant and Jewish churches and synagogues and the desperate need for more priests.

Benedict XVI has said he believes the Church needs to grow smaller to become more pure. Perhaps denying many people Communion and the other sacraments because there aren't enough priests to go around is one way to do that. Jerk.

More Catholic news: Texas diocese looks up Miers's baptism & first Communion records--and can't find them. The Archdiocese of Dallas would like to inform you, "Harriet Miers was never a Catholic." She apparently worshipped at Episcopalian, Presbyterian, and Catholic churches. Which means, I think, that her "conversion" was not so sudden after all--she had been searching for religion for awhile and found it in evangelicalism.

In other news, congrats to Notre Dame, the White Sox, and Northwestern. Go Cincinnati and Indianapolis. Fuck you Texas.

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