November 18, 2005

All too common criticisms

These are some of the criticisms I've been seeing of Congressmen who are (or have been) questioning the administration's competency and the feasibility of pursuing this war further. For the most part, they are both baseless and base, misleading and harmful. But most just fail to recognize the simple fact that those responding to the war critics must take some responsibility for the failure of the war thus far.

1) Criticism of the administration is hurting the war effort.
Wait, who has hurt the war effort the most? The people who say we should get the hell out of there or the people who put our soldiers into a war without any real plans to get them out? What the remaining hawks should really say, "Please shut up; the administration is doing its best to overextend, undersupport, and underplan the military and its operations. We got this one all by ourselves.

2) Murtha, who cannot be properly called a coward as he's a war veteran, is opportunistic in his support or opposition of the war (as are the other Dems). (This is actually the argument that Joe Malchow makes. I'm willing to put up with tedious expositions, inflated language, and lame arguments from Joe, but this really takes the cake.)
I just love how critical thinking is now synonymous with partisanship and opportunism. This also means that the vast majority of Americans are opportunistic, as they now disapprove of Bush's handling of the war. O, I forgot. Changing one's mind in the presence of facts is flip-flopping and a sign of weakness and a horrible horrible thing. Good thing our President doesn't do that, because we could be in a real shithole if he did.

3) Murtha's speech isn't really news, as he's been an opponent of the war for a long time.
Wow, this is really a last-ditch effort to wave away Murtha's speech. So now, conbloggers know so much about the war, they also know what's news and what's not. I think this is the point where these wackos start reaching for the earplugs and start humming the Marine hymn to themselves and keep on trucking, saying "no problems here, folks." Face the fucking music, right-wingers.

4) The American public simply does not have the political will or resolve to continue a hard but necessary war.
So much for the power residing in the people and other democratic ideals. Besides, it's a hell of a lot easier to say something like this than actually present a convincing case that invading Iraq was anything but a gigantic mistake. Actually, let me rephrase that. Invading Iraq was not the big mistake; letting a bunch of morons blind to anything but their own ideological worldview execute this war was.

5) Dems' support of the war undermines their criticism of it now.
As Trey Ellis said, "We said it was okay to load the gun; we didn't ask to be shot in the foot.

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