November 13, 2005

Dartmouth Divests!

The Trustees voted to comply with the ACIR's findings regarding divestment from corporations that directly and substantially facilitate the genocide in Sudan. As of now, this category includes six oil companies whose revenues sustain the Khartoum regime.

Divestment will be considered in the upcoming weeks by serveral other colleges and states as well, including Amherst, Brown, the UC system, and the Mass. State Legislature.


  1. Anonymous7:15 AM

    D writeup here... looks like a few other issues came out of the trustees meeting too. This is good news.

  2. Anonymous11:54 AM

    As one of the commenters on Dartlog notes, however, the article seems to say that Dartmouth didn't actually "divest" from anything.

    ACIR identified companies with blood on their hands, in some sense, and Dartmouth instructed its financiers not to invest in them in the future.

    Dartmouth doesn't own any stock in them now, and it hasn't cut back its investment in anything.

  3. Some of these are companies Dartmouth has invested in in the past, and the divestment directive isn't specific to these six companies. If other corporations are determined to fit those criteria, they will also be included.
    Since obtaining a list of Dartmouth's investments last spring, its been clear that this is more of a screen against future investment in, but the overall effect is the same - Dartmouth does not invest in companies that facilitate the genocide in Darfur

  4. Anonymous12:40 PM

    As an alumna on campus when we were trying to get the Trustees to divest from South Africa, I say three cheers. This is not your father's Dartmouth, concerned primiarly with a single bottom line. This is a college that walks its ethical talk.