November 24, 2005

O'Reilly: Timetable Time

"[T]here must be a time limit. Mr. Bush and his crew have to understand that American blood and treasure are not unlimited. It is not undermining the war to suggest giving the Iraqis a realistic private timetable to defend themselves."

O'Reilly's reasoning is, in part, that "get[ting] out of Iraq as quickly as possible without allowing the terrorists a victory" (which, notably, is not the same thing as us getting a victory) will prevent "politicians trying to get elected using the chaos of war." Just who do you think O'Reilly's calling out here? The column makes clear what O'Reilly cares about--keeping Democrats out of power. Who wants to manipulate the war for political purposes again, Bill?

Also, anyone want to comment on his claim that basic training for a US soldier takes six weeks, so why the hell should the Iraqi soldiers be this far behind? Does basic training take only six weeks, or isn't there more training after that? Maybe not two years, but we normally don't try to run basic training in a war zone either.

Despite all this, O'Reilly is calling for a timetable. Is that big news? I wouldn't call it Kronkite coming out against Vietnam, but it's something.

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