November 29, 2005

Where'd the Spin Go?

I think--I'm not sure--but this could be a first for PowerLine: a post that just says, "A Republican screwed up."

I'm not convinced, though, that cases like the Duke's help Dems out at all. These scandals can easily be portrayed--much like the Abu Ghraib catastrophe--as the work of morally compromised individuals. This is apparently what Republicans are pushing for in the media coverage--and perhaps getting--as Josh Marshall pointed out, the original AP story on Duke Cunningham did not link him to the Republican Party (though later it was updated).

What I think needs to be the strategy used is one that focuses on a lack of leadership from the top--don't even waste time talking about Duke Cunningham--focus on the fact that there is not enough party discipline to keep these politicians from debasing themselves with bribes, money laundering, sordid campaign shenanigans, etc. A well-led party keeps that stuff from occurring; a poorly led party lets it run free.

However, if you do want to momentarily browse through an itemized list of Republicans in varying depths of shit, click here.

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