November 11, 2005

The Devil / Bare Feet

So I followed that link in Seal's post with the Fox News polls and whatnot, and I started clicking around to check out their other polls because that's how I roll while working at the library. Anyway there's a poll here about Americans' beliefs as far as basic metaphysical cosmology, and the results are pretty predictable. There's a couple fun ones in there, though. I liked these:

Men are more likely than women to believe in vampires (6 percent vs. 2 percent).

People under age 30 are about twice as likely as those over age 65 to believe in ghosts.

Almost everyone that believes in hell also believes in heaven (97 percent), but not everyone that believes in heaven also believes in hell (82 percent).

Wait, almost everyone who believes in hell believes in heaven? Even accounting for the margin or error, there's probably one or two respondents with a pretty bleak outlook on things generally. Also, if Dartmouth is in keeping with national trends, there are around 120 or so undergrad boys who believe seriously in vampires.

Anyway, the second part of the story here is that I was image searching on Google to find one of those Family Circus cartoons with dead grandpa up in heaven, you know? But they didn't have any that weren't doctored. I noticed that this one

Image hosted by

was hosted by a site called, which is run by people who (suprisingly)
are apparently not foot fetishists, but merely a breed of reverse obsessive-compulsives. They host stories about walking around places normal people go (diners, workplaces, libraries, bars, etc) without shoes on. My favorite is this one.

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