November 11, 2005

You going to "excoriate" this one, Joe?

Joe Malchow had a conniption fit a little over a week ago when a CBS poll put George Bush at a 35% approval rating. Seems Republicans weren't represented well enough. Well maybe it just doesn't matter these days who is polled--nearly everyone thinks Bush sucks.

FOX NEWS polls Bush @ a 36% approval rating.

Fox News did, I assume, poll a reasonable number of Republicans.

Seriously, how low can Bush go? I don't think he'll ever quite hit this number, but I remember seeing a poll that put Dick Cheney at 19% approval rating. That must be the percentage of Americans that will mindlessly support Bush or his affiliates no matter what.

(via Daily Kos)


  1. Corzine1:23 PM

    Malchow is my vassal.

  2. Anonymous8:31 PM

    I may have asked this before and stopped checking the comments before anyone posted a response, but what does all of this mean?

    Americans increasingly disapprove of Bush. So...?

    1. Will they be more likely to vote for Dems in 2006, and shift the balance in Congress?

    2. Will they be more likely to vote for Dems in 2008 in the Presidential race?

    3. Will it be harder for Bush to get his agenda passed in Congress?

    4. Will Bush's diplomats have a tougher time pressuring other countries?

    I don't know that much of these propositions hold water, except for #3. "Party discipline" has suffered in the Republican party lately, but Bush isn't exactly running for reelection, nor is it likely that the '08 candidate would try to ride Bush's coat tails to election. So... what does this all mean?

    Sometimes the Democrats give me reason to hope, but usually I feel like they're too incompetent to continue to keep the Republicans honest. Obama's a sharp guy, but he'll get elbowed to the back of the line by the usual douchebags, and the candidates on the ballot will resemble Kerry, Dean, Edwards, Dukakis, Gore, et al., if history is any guide.

  3. Cf. Virginia Governor election 2005.

  4. Anonymous10:57 PM

    Good point. I wonder how far this will go.