November 29, 2005

Go Georgie, It's Your Birthday

50 shows his love for Bush in a GQ interview.
"50 Cent and Kanye West are the only ones selected to be GQ's "Men of the Year" who have no false modesty about it — both of the hip-hop stars justify their big egos in the mag's pages. But they also have more on their minds than just themselves. Like George W. Bush, for one. 50 thinks the president is "incredible ... a gangsta." "I wanna meet George Bush, just shake his hand and tell him how much of me I see in him," 50 told GQ. If the rapper's felony conviction didn't prevent him from voting, 50 said he would have voted for Bush. [...] Kanye says after giving us entertainment, his next goal is to give us "inspiration." 50's next goal? He wants to market a condom."

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