November 29, 2005


I don't know why Andrew Sullivan just heard about "Bush Was Right" today, as that shit's been old hat 'round these parts for nigh on a week or so.

What I do know is that he linked to some Berkeley guy hosting the whole thing. Gold.

A completely non-lyrical analysis:

1) The guitar lick at the beginning is suggestive of "nanny nanny boo boo." This may be intentional, but then again it may not be.
2) The cadence at the end of the chorus is really irritating.
3) The melody has four notes in it, and after four bars they feel like they should change something, so they just get the other guy to sing the same thing up a minor third and go up the scale from there.
3) This part about Ted Kennedy really reminds me of late 90s pop-punk records, like Newfound Glory and what have you. Listen to his voice, it totally changes in timbre for this part, like he's really trying to emo it out.
4) On for the last eight or so they totally bit the drums from Fall Out Boy's "Sugar, We're Going Down." I kind of like that song but it's still pretty lame to be biting from fucking Fall Out Boy.
5) It's only 2:37 long, counting like 15 seconds of I chord at the end.

Bottom line: pillaging top 40 radio for song ideas to make their stupid civics-paper song is a pretty Karl Rove idea, in that it is
1) smart enough to fool most people
2) still, holistically, pretty stupid ("class warfare," the Swift Boat Veterans for truth, etc)
3) really irrevocably dorky.

And obviously we can't be biting shit from those darkies with their hip-pop and their breakdancing and the whatnot, despite the fact that 50 probably would have laced them with a verse.

Fuck 50

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