November 30, 2005

From an Official Unofficial Leak

I just received a tip from someone inside the President's office who's apparently discontented with the way things have been going.

"The President has gone too far when he contemplates taking such liberties with a news agency, hostile though it may be to his projects," they explain. "I am aghast that the President even contemplated such a rash and likely counterproductive action. Just because the news agency in question has opposed many of his efforts does not give him any kind of clearance to go about committing atrocities like this. The freedom of the press must be protected, so I'm passing this on to you."

The source sent this to me as an html file (apparently it is accessible online only to administrators with the proper clearance), so I posted it off my allotted space on the Dartmouth servers.

The names have been removed to protect the guilty.

Link removed.


  1. Dartmouth Review12:21 PM

    Glad to see you guys are coming around to my way of thinking.

  2. Haha--the actual target of the parody is Bush, so not quite.

    Actually, the idea of "Jim W****t" doing a kegstand in the Review's office was just way to good not to share.