November 11, 2005

Finally, some good news

about Dartmouth profs. We get copious reports of what is going wrong, so here's a counterexample.

Govy prof Lisa Baldez takes the lead on a publication on Gender and Politics.

I'm not a govy major, but I think it's reasonable for me to say that this is a burgeoning field (or subfield) and one that is likely to get more and more legitimacy as issues like gay marriage and abortion continue to dominate the political divisions of our times.

Let's hope Baldez is sticking around for awhile.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, she will. In other news, she's the shit. Her research into why women organize/join/start social movements is fascinating, and not limited to one side of the political spectrum. Her research into conservative women's movements in Chile, for example, is unprecedented and, to use the parlance of our times, totally rad.

    I highly recommend all her classes, esepcially "Protests and Parties" on social movements in Lat. Am. and "Gender and Am. Politics."