November 20, 2005

If only this is true

Blogs are on fire with the news that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, mastermind of the Iraqi resistance effort, has been killed. That link is from the Jerusalem Post, but AP has picked it up here.

If this is true, then we may have just punched out a large hole at the end of the tunnel and can finally see some light.

Edit: Reuters has more here on Yahoo news.

Edit: Juan Cole and George have convinced me that Zarqawi's death may not be as great a tactical advantage as I had thought. However, if our troops' morale is as important to the war as the administration seems to think it is (well, conflicting signals--get them some damn armor, Rumsfeld!), then this can only help. Nevertheless, the government has been denying the likelihood that Zarqawi was killed.


  1. George8:07 PM

    I think you're overestimating the importance of any given single figure. Global rerrorism is a diffuse phenomenon, and single personalities are unlikely to have any effect. As far as Iraq is concerned, he's likely to be seen as a martyr more than anything else.

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  3. Anonymous4:01 PM

    1. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

    2. If you just want to spam the comments of someone else's blog with some incoherent, only tangentially related crap, limit it to 100 words or less.

    3. BLM's "last war" doesn't sound like any fun at all.