November 8, 2005

My Favorite Part

of the Pat Buchanan article Seal cited was when Pat said

"These newcomers worship a different God and practice a faith historically hostile to Christianity, a traditionalist faith that is rising again and recoils violently from a secular culture saturated in sex."

Traditionalist religious fanatics? Recoiling from secular culture, saturated in sex? Does this sound familiar to anybody?

"America is locked in a cultural war for the soul of our country," he writes on his web site. We've got "filthy art financed by our tax dollars. Television steeped in raw sex and romanticized violence. Movies that mock religious faith. Rock concerts that extol lust and cop-killing." So wait, this isn't the war between us and the brown ones; I guess this is the one between the Good Christians and everybody else. Fuck him for demonizing Muslim extremists when they do the same shit that he's trying to do. They want to roll things back to 1250, and he wants to roll them back to 1850- the only difference is in degree.

You know what? I'll say it. I love culture when it's steeped in sex, because sex is pure and visceral and gorgeous. I love movies that mock religious faith, because religious faith is for the most part pretty stupid. And I would listen to songs that extol cop-killing if most of them weren't by Ice-T, who sucks. Buchanan's railings against secularists, Muslims, and anybody else seem to be purely the result of his frustrations that we're not all content with fucking Leave it to Beaver anymore.

Fuck off, Pat. Fuck off back to your potlucks and your Wal-Marts and your Megachurches. Me, and the rest of blue-state America, are going to enjoy art and sex and difference, and it isn't our empire that will be brought down from within.

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