November 18, 2005

Wait a minute here...

When Harry Reid pulled the Senate behind closed doors to attempt to break the stonewalling measures of the Republicans, conbloggers cried out against the move as a hackish politically driven piece of partisanry.

But are they saying anything about the Republicans' strategy to force the issue on Iraq withdrawal so that Democratic reps will have to make a tough decision rapidly? No, didn't think so.

Seriously, this hurts the debate a lot more than it helps--it forces reps to vote without all that much knowledge--we have really no idea what Bush and his generals have planned (and maybe they don't have anything planned) to increase Iraqi forces' independence, and voting without information is certainly to be avoided.

O, I forgot. Cons don't want to have a debate on our presence in Iraq and they certainly don't seem to care about finding out whether staying there is a good idea. They just care about staying in office.

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