November 8, 2005

A referendum?

The popular tag in the media has been that this year's gubernatorial races are a referendum on Bush's presidency, especially in Virginia.
Well, with most precincts reporting, Democrat Jon Corzine has beaten Republican Doug Forrester in New Jersey, 54% to 43%.
In Virginia, Democrat Tim Kaine has beaten Republican Jerry Kilgore, 51% to 47%.
Both races were damn ugly and damn expensive, but the low-ethics award definitely goes to Kilgore, who sucks, and probably has no political future. (Actually, the no future thing probably applies to Forrester as well).
The Governator is expecting his 4 ballot proposals to get rejected.

On the other hand, the democrats as expected, didn't win New York, as moderate Republican Bloomberg was re-elected.
Also, Texas chose to ban gay marriage, which was also expected. Uh, way to go Texas? These things are somewhat irrelevant, because eventually gay marriage will go to the supreme court and this shit will get overturned. Also, the intelligent design people won some kind of victory. Also irrelevant. I mean, they can feel like they won something, but its not like any more people believe their shit than before.

So, anyway, I'm ambivalent about most of this, including New Jersey (because I don't particularly like Corzine), and am happy about Virginia. I just thought you'd like to know.

Edit (Andrew): Advocates of intelligent design were soundly defeated in Dover, PA (the site of the ongoing "Scopes II" trial. Yay science.

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