October 3, 2005

Affirmative Action? That's a Negatory

So states Ward Connerly in this article in which he argues that the recently amplified attempt to attract black voters to the Republican Party is a bad idea, that "any effort to attract blacks or any other ethnic group to the Republican party, based on explicit or implicit appeals to race or ethnic identity, are not only a waste of time and resources, but are also misguided and potentially quite damaging to the nation."

Here's a choice quote:
What more could America, often led by Republicans, have done to demonstrate its irrevocable commitment to the principle of equality regardless of race? What greater evidence of good faith in eradicating every vestige of discrimination could have been exhibited than decades of preferential treatment ("affirmative action") in education, employment, and contracting? How can a nation expect continued success when a significant segment of its population suffers from such racial paranoia and a false sense of exclusion? How can any nation run at maximum speed in a global race with a broken leg that comes in the form of an emotionally hobbled portion of its population? [emphasis mine]

I don't think a comment is needed.

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