October 3, 2005


Oh yeah, and can anyone tell me more about the moose that apparently wandered onto campus?

The Dartmouth home page currently has an image of a moose moseying about someplace that looks a bit like East Wheelock.


  1. Sometime last saturday (not this past weekend, but the one before), I think around 2:00, I got a blitz that there was a moose on the loose.
    It was in front of EW, and S&S and a few HPo cars tried to corrall it and kind of push it back to the woods by driving slowly. Instead, it ended up behind the Grad Student apartments, with one S&S officer angrily waving a stick at it.
    I left after about 20 minutes, word on the street is the courageous bastard got tranqed somewhere on the Bema. Also, he was apparently from the East end of town, I hear there's a whole bunch out there.

  2. Anonymous8:11 AM